4 Year Results:Stocks Ben Graham Would Like Today (2008-2012)

So recently I have started to learn about value investment, and I found Ryan Freund - Stocks Ben Graham Would Like Today article  and thought it would be interesting to see how these stocks are doing today, say if I have invested $1000 in each of them in October 9, 2008, what have happened to my money?

How I calculate results?

Basically I will try to look up today's market cap of these all companies and compare them with October 9, 2008 levels. I won't count in dividends or splits because it's too time consuming. OK, one thing is sure, if company's market cap have shrank only 5-10%, dividends will make sure that You will be at least break even point at this time.

First old October 9, 2008 list:

 And now let's see how we done:

note: Some of companies in list have been privatized and price is what they have  been sold for, so in reality you have already sold some of principals, but they all was profitable deals.
As for me, I have never heard of  any of thees companies (well I live in Northern Europe and I know TDK only ^_^), so is shock for me how well investor can do over ~4 years, by just choosing stocks by Ben Graham's principle. And is still kinda recession in present (Car companies are usually cheap in recession years). So basically with all principal+dividends we are close or maybe over 50% roi. IMPRESSIVE!!!

Most Hated.

At the end of Ryan article he stated this:
"As you can see, there are certainly a few that should be avoided at all costs, in our opinion. Any financial or insurance company (The Hartford (NYSE: HIG), for example) falls in this category of stocks to avoid. We also see many we like, such as Starrett (NYSE: SCX), Tsakos Energy Navigation (NYSE: TNP), and Industrios Bachoco (NYSE: IBA)."

 Now lets see how thees individuals have done:
Yes, Ryan was right! On this quartet you would loose about 130$ on every $1K invested (or 13 cents on one dollar).

What about dividends? Well actually thees companies still paying dividends strongly and badboy TNP is doing yield like 10%. I'm not sure if dividends for this quartet have made till break even point, but avg lose should be made into single digit.

Thats all, thank you for experience and source seekingalpha.com !

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