How real is American Idol?

I have a interesting story about this....
I went to Hollywood season 4. I agree with this video, everything is very true but things were different when Simon was on the show.
While the show's producers (Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller) did in fact posses the power to pull the strings, Simon Cowell had power as well.

Before Cowell's departure, hopefuls auditioned in front of the producers first before being yay'd or nay'd though to Simon, Paula and Randy. During my audition, Nigel said I had a good voice but he mentioned things like "too soulful" and "boring" so he did not pass me through to the judges. As soon as I walked out, a young girl asked me to sing for her mom. While I was singing, Simon Cowell was taking a bathroom break and walked past and heard me singing. After I finished my song, he took notice of how many people clapped (I did not even see him..he was behind me). My mom, brother and I had gone down 2 flights of stairs and were at the front door of the building leaving when a producer's assistant stopped me and said, "Simon wants you to audition, come back up".

While singing in front of the judges I noticed Nigel off to the side with his arms crossed. While Simon, Paula and Randy gave me incredibly good compliments, Nigel looked incredibly pissed.
When I arrived at Hollywood, I'll never forget it....I had literally just stepped off the finalist bus at the hotel and Nigel walked right up to me and said, and I quote, "You know you aren't supposed to be here but you're getting your chance, so....".
I knew at that moment that no matter how well I performed, I would not be going on the show.

Another strange thing that happened....during the Hollwood week I did well. In our group performance my dancing sucked because I suck at dancing and the two girls in my group were both dance instructors, haha. Other than telling me I looked like an idiot during group night, Simon continuously gave me very good compliments all week.
The last night of auditions I found it odd that Simon wasn't there, but good 'ol Nigel was! Lol.
Needless to say, I was kicked out in one of the rooms ;)

The biggest thing I noticed though during my week stay in Hollywood was that the cameras followed Carrie, Bo, and a couple other contestants who ended up being on the show. I found it quite interesting that Carrie and Bo had the cameras on them 24/7 from day one....fixed? Maybe. Carrie is a kick ass singer and she rightfully won but I absolutely believe American Idol is staged or very heavily controlled. It was evident. =)

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